Friday, August 24, 2012


 No one can really be that happy, right? It isn't normal for anyone to go around smiling and saying, "God bless you" and being Miss Optimist all the time. Haven't you thought, "She smiles too much", or even felt the slightest bit of....jealousy? Do you want what he or she has? Have you thought, "Man, if only my life was more like hers", or "I wish I had that talent" etc. I used to go around thinking that of some of the ladies at my church. I thought man they are so annoying. I used to be filled with negative mindsets and insecurities that constantly compared me to other people. 

Well, thank goodness I've snapped out of it! Perhaps that person is walking around smiling because the joy of their Lord is their strength! Perhaps they are able to walk around  blessing everyone because they have been blessed themselves. Perhaps they have been healed from addiction, cancer, or reconciled their marriage. Never envy someone else's life. Do not be too quick to judge. You don't know what someone has gone through to reach their level of spiritual maturity and NO ONE is on any higher level with God.

We all have unique gifts and talents that glorify the body. Stop wasting your days wishing for better ones. Enjoy today, take control of your emotions, and be determined to begin living in a new perspective. Do everything to become emotionally stable. Do not let people, careers, money, friends, or lack of, determine your day or your attitude. When you begin to operate in the, last but not least, fruit of the Spirit which is self-control, you can determine the course of your day. No one else but you can make that decision. If you are in a place that feels like such a pit and you can't see over the top, ASK for help! Ask the Holy Spirit to begin helping you take charge over your mind and begin to speak life to your situation, your family and into your thoughts!!! 

If you are wanting a better life, begin living a better life, mentally. Your feelings will catch up with you along the way. This is not possible unless you begin to take your Bible along with you, also. Through His word, the renewing of your mind WILL happen. You need to meditate and marinate in scripture. That's right think of your mind as a big, juicy piece of chicken and it will look, smell and taste in whatever you decide to season it with. If your mind is overwhelmed with west-nile, election issues, and terrible news reports...turn it off. Reprogram your mind to begin having a kingdom perspective not an earthly perspective. God's economy is different from America's anyways. Put your trust in Him and He will not fail you. I promise! Nothing I am telling you is anything that I haven't tried, tested and proved.

Romans 12: 2 says, "Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is- his good, pleasing and perfect will".


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