Wednesday, September 26, 2012


When you feel overwhelmed, and like nothing seems to make sense, when it feels as though you lost your way and doubt begins to creep in, remind yourself of the promises in God's word that relate to your situation. God gave me Isaiah 63 not too long ago. While reading  it I could see how each paragraph related to my life in so many different ways. Tonight after a very long day, God brought it back to my mind and I wrote out what His word meant to me. His promise for me, then, still stands for me today. There are no expiration dates.

Isaiah 63 
God—you’re my God!
I can’t get enough of you!
I’ve worked up such hunger and thirst for God,
    traveling across dry and weary deserts.

So here I am in the place of worship, eyes open,
 drinking in your strength and glory.
In your generous love I am really living at last!
 My lips brim praises like fountains.
I bless you every time I take a breath;
 My arms wave like banners of praise to you.

I eat my fill of prime rib and gravy;
 I smack my lips. It’s time to shout praises!
If I’m sleepless at midnight,
 I spend the hours in grateful reflection.
Because you’ve always stood up for me,
    I’m free to run and play.
I hold on to you for dear life,
 and you hold me steady as a post.

Those who are out to get me are marked for doom,
 marked for death, bound for hell.
They’ll die violent deaths;
 jackals will tear them limb from limb.
But the king is glad in God;
 his true friends spread the joy,
While small-minded gossips
 are gagged for good.

My version of Isaiah 63
I am going on months now of intense study of your word and I just devour it! It fills the God shaped hole in my life like nothing else. When I am empty you fill me up.

When I am worshipping you in my quiet time, I feel your arms around me. I love letting your word soak into my heart until it becomes my reality. Use my every breath to bring you glory and advance your kingdom. I want to be a good steward of everything you give me.

I will love deeply, share boldly and walk confidently! I will rejoice for every new day I am given, no matter what it may hold. I will rest in your promise to take care of me and will no longer let worry steal my sleep! You’ve got my back and promised that you are with me every chapter of this book you are writing in my life.

My enemy’s days are numbered and my overflowing hope only reminds him of that. I find my joy in you, not in people around me. I find my peace in your presence, not in your presents. Thank you for reminding me through my friends, family and even anointed books and teachings that your joy truly is my strength. My worth is not in anyone’s opinions or even my bank balance, but it’s in your word and in your love.


  1. I am going to hold on to His promises! Thank you for reminding me! Love, Mom

  2. I love your statement, "I find my peace in your presence, not in your presents."