Monday, September 1, 2014

Divine Appointment

"In your heart you plan your life. But the Lord decides where your steps will take you."
Psalm 16:9 NIRV

I read a devotion in my email this morning, (yep I get them in my email just like you probably get this one), and it described how God can use what some may consider a "distraction" and turn it into a divine appointment. I actually had one of those divine appointments last week.

I was in the middle of writing and the creative juices were flowing. Once they get started I usually don't want to stop for nothing. I received a phone call from a sweet friend that started off with small talk and I was about to excuse myself from the conversation thinking she just called to say hi and I could get back to work. But just before I began to say anything her tone of voice changed and she began to cry. She proceeded to tell me that she was on day 26 of being sober and she wanted me to be aware and asked if I would be her prayer partner through this process.

 My mouth nearly fell to the floor and I began to cry on the other end of the line silently. Had I hung up the phone one minute earlier than her confession, I would have missed the opportunity to minister to her and pray for her. After the conversation I asked God to forgive me. I couldn't  believe how close I had come to thinking that this "distraction" was getting in the way of His work when He had other plans in mind for me that afternoon. 

I asked God to help me from then on to be more discerning when it comes to something that might seem a distraction. Satan likes to take our attention away from doing God's will but we also need to allow The Lord to guide us down a different path if He so desires. 

How many times have we allowed divine appointments to slip away because we thought they were distractions? We need to not be so busy with the "Lord's work" that we neglect to actually be sensitive to the Holy Spirit when He is asking us to do something. Allow God to interrupt your day because you'll never know if He has a divine appointment scheduled for you.

Enjoy this beautiful song by Moriah Peters called "No Shame".

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  1. Your never know the lives you may touch by writing your posts. We all need to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit!