Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Pushing Through Our Past

(An Excerpt from Arm Yourself: Equipping Ourselves with the Armor of God

As a young girl, I was filled with insecurities that I carried deep inside of me. I always felt I wasn’t good enough to have good things. I thought there wasn’t anything that special about me. I didn’t begin to change that mindset until I realized that I could have a different mindset. 

I began to allow God to whisper the beautiful truth in my ear that He wanted me to hear. I never heard it spoken more beautifully to me than when I recently read an incredible book by Renee Swope called A Confident Heart. In it she says: 

“When doubt washes over me, often it is because something has happened to trigger my old emotions and create thoughts in my mind that are similar to those I had as a child. Sometimes that hurt little girl still has too much to say in my heart, if I listen to her powerful, yet immature emotions from my past rise to the surface. But they are not truth in my life. The insecurities are not the truth in your life either. As we look at our doubts and develop confident hearts, it’s going to be important to recognize negative emotions from our past that keep us from living confidently in our present and future” (2) 

After reading that I dropped to the floor and cried. I had never realized how much power I gave that little girl, even in my adult life. I decided that day and from then on to do everything I could to shut that little girl up! I asked God to help me deal with any old issues together and never again miss out on an opportunity for growth out of fear or insecurity. 

How much power are you giving your past over your present life? Stop and ask God to begin showing you areas where Satan has smeared you with lies and begin to let God’s truth really soak in.

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This song just draws you into the Lord's presence...Closer by Steffany Gretzinger

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