Monday, April 13, 2015

Be Flexible

Growing up in high school, I had high hopes of being a wedding dress designer and seeing my dresses in stores like Kleinfeld and watching my bridal gowns gracing the runways of New York's fashion shows... but that didn't happen.

I wanted to be a mortgage banker and have my name on my desk and help people get into their dream home as they paid me lots of money to live in mine, after working in the banking industry for four years...but that didn't happen.
This was the new Dallas Cowboys stadium the year it was built and me
holding my AI ticket!

I wanted to be a Christian artist singing praises to God on the air waves of Air1Radio and my local Dallas station, 94.9 KLTY that I grew up listening to. I even went so far as to major in music in college and tried out for American Idol five years ago...But that didn't happen. 

The day of my audition. Me and my rock star days..
yea I was actually in a rock band in college too! 
Rockin for Jesus! HAHA

What I didn't expect or wish for is what did happen. Here I sit a blogger of two years writing my 87th post with a growing following and a book, PUBLISHED, under my belt as I kick off a budding writing/speaking ministry. Yea...that happened! 

Me a girl who always complained about writing in school and never wanted to be bothered too much by technology and would rather talk to people face to face is sitting here with a platform on almost every social media outlet you can think of trying to juggle it all. I am preparing to speak at my first women's event this weekend when I used to get sick to my stomach and quickly read through anything I had to say in speech class growing up.

But wouldn't you know...I am loving every minute of it! Sometimes, no, ALL THE TIME, I know God knows me better than I do. I may not actually like the physical activity of writing and staring at a blank computer screen, but I love when the words on the page flow together to express fluidly what is on my heart and see it lift up and encourage someone else. I may not have always been the most avid reader but what an accomplishment I feel knowing my story is written down and on paper, able to reach farther than my mouth could ever speak to the right person at the right time.

God saw the finished picture, He saw the end result. Not in any way am I saying I am done and God has gotten out of me all He's going to get. No, in fact I know that as I continue to pursue Him and His will for my life, I need to be flexible as I continue to evolve into the person He created me to be. 

I have always thought it was crazy that an 18 year old is suppose to know what they are going to be when they grow up and have their major and five year plan in place. Now for some people that works and that is great! The world needs people like that. But I am not one of those and for this blog, I am not talking to you, sorry. We need more flexible people. People willing to let God strengthen them through experience, grow them through trial and find their true calling through change, mistakes and victories. 

So I encourage you today, if you are one of those "flexible" people and no we are NOT talking gymnastics here, pray and ask God what He is wanting you to stretch, grow and bend for. There may be something in your future you didn't foresee but will be forever grateful you found the courage to be flexible for God.

Enjoy this beautiful song by Steffany Gretzinger and Bethel Music called "We Dance". To be able to dance you have to be flexible, I think this song is a beautiful representation of our life's dance with the Lord. Listen and be blessed...

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  1. Beautiful! Thank you for ministering should a good word! Sometimes it takes a while to find our calling! Love , Mom