Monday, September 7, 2015

Our Heart's Song: Misti's Story


Years of a thorny bush, now to a blooming fruit tree.  Tears flow as I sit and my mind wonders back to the years of sleepless nights and unanswered questions.  The chronic disease, the alcohol that my father was addicted to, stole my childhood, my confidence, and my life.  Being a child of an alcoholic leads to many issues.  The storms of alcoholism had wrecked havoc on me.  I had allowed it to uproot my peace and rip me apart. 

As I grew older, I realized that my roots were shallow.  I had lost the ability to express feelings because I wasn’t reaching deep enough into the earth.  I buried my life in a dark hole and never uncovered it.  I wore a smile to camouflage the scars that were deep inside of my existence.  I was an old stump that sat dying full of depression, lies, faults and insecurities. 

In January 2012 I knew my life had to change.  My marriage, because of what I had inflicted upon it, was in shambles.  Years I had tried to save my children from dysfunction, but I had led them to it.  How could this situation change how could I change?  There was only one answer.  The only solution was to plant and root my self in faith. 

So I began the rescue and growth process.   I began by planting God’s seed within me.  I read the bible, joined bible studies; and started writing a Facebook page and a blog.  God’s seed took root and sprouted reaching upward to others everywhere. I grew and my trunk became thick and strong.  I learned how the Holy Spirit could and would guide me through the storms of life.  I had been through tornados and hurricanes, but it wasn’t until I allowed him to flood me with His Spirit that I was able to branch out and bloom.  By feeding my soul with Him I have learned how to survive, what to prune and how to thrive.  I am now like the tree in Jeremiah 17:8 “my roots are sent out into the stream of God I have no fear when the scorching heat of summer comes.  My leaves are always green and I bear sweet fruit.”  I am healthy and blooming ONLY because of Him.  He took my dried up stump, fed me and I sprouted and grew.  Now through Him I provide shade, warmth, and protection to those around me.  I am the tree as in Daniel 4:11 “I am growing large and strong reaching many.”

No matter what soil you have been planted in you can bloom.  If you are a dying tree start today by fertilizing yourself with His word.  Feed your roots with Him and allow the Holy Spirit to sprout within your heart.  Pass on to others how to be planted and rooted in faith.  By reaching out your branches you will press on to a future full of growth and peace.  Your landscape will be a blossoming orchard.  Plant yourself in faith and you will bloom. 

2 Corinthians 5:17 New International Version (NIV)

 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come: The old has gone, the new is here!

Author Bio:

As of today I have many different titles.  I am a wife, mother to three wonderful girls, grandmother to a fabulous little boy, mother in law, aunt (BB), and HEY MOMMA to many children that I taught.  After twenty-three years of teaching I took the advice of a fellow teacher and branched out to others in the world.   I began writing and started a Facebook page, website and blog.  The Lord gave me the life purpose of PASSING ON motivating and encouraging words to help others PRESS ON with their life. 

You too can pass on kindness to those around you helping them to press on no matter what situation or circumstance they are facing.

1 Peter 4:10 NIV
Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of Gods grace in its various forms.  

 "Press On" by Selah
 (This post was written by Misti Coker as a part of the Our Heart's Song Series this month. I encourage you to read her story and check out her website. This is one of the many incredible women that I had the privilege to meet at the SheSpeaks Conference I attended in July.)


  1. What a beautiful & encouraging story! We all have our own cross to bear but Gods grace is more than enough to guide us through.
    Misty, I'm sure there are many titles you omitted but I thought I would mention "Wonderful Classmate & Friend".

  2. Beautifully said. Sometimes we have to go to "Deep water" where only faith will take us for growth. Praise God for growth and blessings.

  3. Absolutely beautiful. You're story of digging into God's word applies everyone and I know many are blessed by your ministry.