Saturday, January 23, 2016

Arm Yourself Online Bible Study- Week One

It's finally here!!!!!

I am so excited to finally kick off the Arm Yourself Online Bible Study! Pull up a chair, a cup of coffee (or hot cocoa) and let's dig in to Ephesians 6 and learn to put on God's armor together!

This is the first video of the 9 week study and you can print out the link below that has a pdf that you can take notes on and follow along.  

 Week One- PDF:

Week One- Video:

Homework this week:
Read chapter one this week in Arm Yourself: Equipping Ourselves with the Armor of God.

Don't forget to join us at the Arm Yourself Online Bible Study facebook group for more info, community and accountability! Here is the link for that also: 

If there are any issues at all with these links, don't hesitate to contact me at

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  1. Loved it ! Doing the study with you! Praying for you and all who study in the days ahead! Love mom