Tuesday, June 14, 2016

A Different Kind of Blog: Love and the Outcome Concert Review

I always love getting the opportunity to share with you the latest in Christian music. Today's post is a review on an up and coming band you might have heard on your local Christian radio station. "Love and the Outcome" is a band composed of Canadian husband and wife, Chris Rademaker and Jodi King.

 I had the privilege to attend one of their concerts in my new town, Washington , NC. It was sponsored by 98.3 the Bridge, our local Christian radio station here in the inner banks. What I love most about concerts is that you get to hear the story behind the songs and their passion for writing inspirational music. They were newlyweds and sold everything they owned to follow God's call on their life. Their heart was burdened to take their music as a message and uplift and inspire fans all over the country to follow Jesus and share His love with them. Their motto, "God is love and we are the outcome", rings true in all of their music. 

You might be most familiar with their tune "He is With Us" that currently plays on Christian radio, an upbeat song that will have you singing along quickly. My personal favorite is their new single, that I used in last week's blog, "The God I Know", that talks about letting go of perfection and laying everything we are, good and bad and imperfect at his feet and enjoying being in the presence of "The God I Know".  

(Sidenote: I have never seen a live show where the female lead sings, plays the drums and the keyboard all at the same time. Kudos, to her, that takes skill! )

 One of their most moving songs was written right after they moved away from Canada and found out that Chris's mom had cancer. They took a year off from music and touring to be there for her. Out of this situation birthed an amazing song called "The Story You're Building In Me". 

Attending a concert gives you a glimpse into the heart of these fantastic musicians, that you wouldn't have otherwise known. I am grateful I got the chance to hear their incredible music and their story. 

If you get a chance, I highly recommend you see this incredible couple in concert. Here are their tour dates. 

Here is the link to purchase their latest album!


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