Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2019: Year in Book Reviews

As you can see 2019 was a pretty busy year for far as reading goes. I love to utilize my Goodreads app and list the books I have read, the books I am currently reading and make my "shelf" of books I want to read. 

It's like a to do list, I get such satisfaction when I can check off another book and reach my goal. I had a goal of 25 books last year and surpassed by 2! I was quite proud. Mainly because I have always loved reading as a kid and then in my early 20's I got away from it but now, my passion and love for reading has hit full force. I am careful to choose books I know I will like, christian fiction and non fiction are always a go to, there are a few regular non fiction and fiction in the mix too. 

Today, I want to share with you some of my favorites! 

First and foremost, Connilyn Cosette is my new favorite biblical fiction author! She has a gift for bringing some pretty incredible stories to life that makes me want to open up God's word and re read the stories myself. Her fiction tales about many strong women who are not found in the Bible, but told from a perspective of if they lived during that time is like watching a movie. I highly recommend you start with her Out from Egypt Series that then feeds into her Cities of Refuge Series. I was sucked right into the families whose stories were being told!

Lisa Wingate's "Before We Were Yours" tells an incredible story of the Tennessee Children's Home Society that actually existed. The book gives a fictional spin on a family who survived the ordeal using real life accounts from other children that actually lived there. Thanks to this situation, we have many of the adoption laws in place today. Anything that makes me pique my interest in history is a win. "The Nightengale" by Kristin Hannah, although not a Christian book, tells a beautiful story of two sisters who lived in France during the time of WWII. 

My absolute favorite non fiction of 2019 is as follows: "The Next Right Thing" by Emily P. Freeman who's soothing podcasts also soothes the soul and helps you to make the best decision based on the next right thing for you. 

"Love Unending" by Becky Thompson is an excellent book on rekindling the marriage. I don't usually like reading marriage books, but this oneI soaked in and devoured each chapter and will keep to reread! 

"All My Friends Have Issues" by Amanda Anderson was a book I used with a group of friends to read together and we had blast reading through Amanda's funny friendship stories. What happens at book club, stays at book club!

And for my last non fiction 2019 book shoutout is....drumroll, please.... "You are the Girl for the Job: Daring to Believe the God Who Calls You" by Jess Connelly. This was a wonderful and inspiring read and pair that with Jordan Lee Dooley's "Own Your Everyday: Overcome the Pressure to Prove and Show Up for What You Were Made to Do" is another incredibly inspiring read. (See what I did there? I totally added another because I couldn't leave it out!) In a world full of Rachel Hollis's it was refreshing to read the above two books about ceasing our striving and being content to do what God created us to without any pressure. Plus, Jess' book had to make the list because I got to really see and hear her heart as she came to our church's book club and I got to meet her!

So this concludes my book list for 2019. Keep checking back for book reviews and what I am reading next! 

This blog is not called My Heart's Song for nothing so let me leave with you with one of my new favorite jams- acoustic style!

"Holy Water" by We The Kingdom

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