Monday, March 29, 2021

Book Review: "Miriam's Song" by Jill Eilieen Smith

Biblical Fiction has got to be one of my favorite genres! Jill Eileen Smith is one of the incredible Christian authors that can make someone's story out of the Bible jump right off the page and come to life! 

I was thrilled to read about Miriam's account and get a glimpse into what it was like to live in the shadow of her little brother, Moses. 

What courage it took for Miriam, as a little girl to watch her little brother be placed into the Nile River in hopes that he would be saved and not succumb to the wild waters or the creatures that lurked within. When Pharoah's daughter sees baby Moses in the basket and decides to raise him as her own, what strength it took for Miriam to step in and offer their own mother to be Moses' wet nurse.

Smith's book goes on to explore about 120 years worth of time between Miriam, Aaron, Moses, Joshua and Caleb's time. That is indeed a lot of ground to cover in one book and I think would have been more intriguing had she split this up and made it a series. Nonetheless, it makes for a thrilling account of the Israelite's exodus from Egypt and if you are a fan of Biblical fiction, this is not one to miss! Get your copy of this new book just released this month here.

From the Back Cover

She has prayed for deliverance from Egypt.

But perhaps the greatest liberation happens within the heart.

From the very beginning, Miriam has lived in her younger brother's shadow. Thrust into the role of protective older sister before Moses was even born, she will grow up into a woman who not only keeps her family's secret but bears the burden of leading a new nation. 

In her mind, she knows that she is serving both her God and her people. But in her heart, Miriam yearns for more. She longs to experience the privileges Moses has--to talk with God face-to-face. But when God finally does speak directly to her, the outcome is not at all what she expects.

With her impeccable research and keen eye for detail, bestselling author Jill Eileen Smith offers this epic novel to fill in the gaps in Miriam's story, following her from childhood to motherhood, obscurity to notoriety, and yearning to fulfillment as she learns that what God promises He provides--in His own perfect timing.

I received an advanced copy of this book from Revell Publishing in exchange for my honest review.

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