Michelle's Story

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I am a proud born and bred Texan who has made her home in Kentucky. I have a husband who has put up with me for the last 16 years and two boys who have just entered the threshold of being a ...teenager! I can't even believe I am saying that!

It's true that time certainly does fly when you are having fun and I guess I am having way too much because life sometimes feels like a whirlwind. 

But, through it all God has taught me so many life lessons and pulled me out of some pretty dark pits. So much so, that I can't keep quiet about what he's done in my life and I can't wait to share the hope God has given me. Life is not about surviving but thriving. Thriving through marriage and mommy hood, thriving on the mountains of prosperous times and thriving in the middle of anxiety, thriving through the messes life gives us and thriving in the calling God gives us. 

Life isn't easy and that's why we need each other, ladies. To talk with, pray with, and be encouraged by. Gone are the days we are to look down upon or judge one another. We are all in this together. Together is a much better place to be, than alone. 

So, through this blog you might see a little bit of my heart and love for God, mixed with my opinions on marriage and being the mother of teenagers, mixed with cleaning, organizing, or cooking tips. I am looking forward to kicking off 2019, with a new blog, a new style of writing, and new content. 

Join me on the journey!

                                                    ~Michelle Moore

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